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The Reparative Website

This space will be used to develop a new information resource, containing in-depth information about Reparative Therapy.

Reparative Therapy is a type of psychotherapy aimed at helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction to uncover their heterosexual potential.

As this is a complicated and controversial subject, it may take several years for the website owner to be able to understand it sufficiently, and then explain the whole process in simple English, for the benefit of the general public.  It is sufficient to say for now that changing from gay to straight is possible, but because such a change usually involves the whole personality, it can take several years to achieve.

Until this site develops its full potential, the following sites from the United States may be of interest:


The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), is a non-profit organisation of psychological professionals engaged in the research and treatment of homosexuality. They advocate reparative therapy as a method of changing the sexual orientation of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. NARTH questions the circumstances surrounding the American Psychiatric Association’s 1973 declaration that homosexuality is not a mental disorder.

NARTH’s stated goal is “Helping clients bring their desires and behaviors into harmony with their values”. NARTH seeks to make psychological therapy available to homosexuals who are unhappy with their sexual preference, and to further public dialog on homosexuality and related issues. The group does reviews of studies and other literature. They advocate the right of homosexuals who are distressed by their sexual feelings to seek treatment that alters their sexual orientation

NARTH identifies itself as a secular organisation. As such, it does not use the Bible as justification for its positions. Nevertheless, NARTH often partners with religious reparative therapy events. Co-founder Dr. Nicolosi of NARTH is a consistent speaker for Focus on the Family’s ex-gay Love Won Out conferences.

NARTH was founded in 1992 by Joseph Nicolosi, Benjamin Kaufman, and the late Charles Socarides. Its headquarters are in Encino, California, at the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic.



People Can Change is a non-profit organisation for men who want to “reduce or eliminate their homosexual desire”. The organisation also hosts weekend retreats for these men. It is composed of men who are said to “have successfully transitioned out of unwanted homosexual attractions and increased their heterosexual identity, feelings and behaviors”. Their self-stated mission is “to offer other men who seek similar transformation a pathway of healing, by providing information, training, coaching and support”. It has online resources, online groups, and an experiential weekend.

People Can Change was created in the year 2000 by Rich Wyler, based on his own experience with reparative therapy. In an interview with Warren Olney, Wyler explains the purpose of the group is to help men find peace and fulfilment in their lives. While he admits that may mean living as a homosexual for some men, he says that others have found fulfilment in celibacy or in a heterosexual relationship.

Weekend retreats

Journey into Manhood is an experiential weekend organised by People Can Change, aimed at helping men to overcome unwanted homosexual desires. It takes place in various parts of the US, and is occasionally held in the UK. It uses a variety of techniques, including visualisations, group sharing and emotional-release. It is based on the creators’ personal experience and time with reparative therapy, but makes clear that the group is non-professional peer counselling.

Book list

The People Can Change website also contains a list of recommended books for those seeking more information about the journey out of homosexuality.



The International Healing Foundation was established in 1990 by leading ex-gay therapist Richard Cohen. Cohen uses a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Attachment/Holding Therapy and Bioenergetics. He doesn’t shy away from using the Media to promote his message that “Change is Possible”, and his charismatic style has attracted much criticism from opponents seeking to discredit him.

Richard Cohen has also written several books, including his highly-recommended “Coming Out Straight”. As well as providing individual therapy, Cohen also runs teleconferencing classes, healing seminars, and counsellor training programs.



Here’s a website that’s not from the US! Author Dr. Neil Whitehead and editor Briar Whitehead are so keen to keep their book up to date with the latest developments in genetics that they’ve even published it on the Internet! You can read the latest version of their book online, or you can purchase the 1999 edition from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com



Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) is a non-profit organisation providing outreach, education, and public awareness in support of the ex-gay community. PFOX’s motto is: “supporting the right of homosexuals to choose change”.

From PFOX’s standpoint, the biggest problem is not homosexuality itself, but a repressive and politically-powerful gay rights movement that actively discourages people with unwanted same-sex attraction from seeking change.

On its website, PFOX maintains that: “No one is born gay”, “homosexual orientation is not fixed permanently” and that “As responsible parents, we must seek the facts and love our children unconditionally without having to affirm their homosexual behavior”.

PFOX was founded in 1998, and has its headquarters in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Members are supportive of reparative therapy, whether secular or faith-based.



Positive Alternatives To Homosexuality (PATH) is a coalition of major ex-gay organisations seeking to support those with unwanted homosexual desires. Also included is the general code of conduct that these organisations follow.

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